Meet the Vikings

Curtis, a Viking Biking guide


Owner and managing director, Curtis grew up in the USA but has lived in Europe for over 20 years and is a dual national of Norway and the USA. His passion for biking and hiking is decades old and includes numerous long-distance tours in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Before starting this company in 2012, he worked with the International Red Cross for many years. More importantly, that is how he met a Norwegian girl who is now his wife and together they have three young children.

Josh, a Viking Biking guide


The lead tour guide at Viking Biking & Hiking, Josh is an expert in outdoor life and tourism in Oslo, with a master’s degree in comparative outdoor living from the Norwegian Sports College and plenty of work experience in both the city’s forest and islands. His background in performing arts also means he loves storytelling and entertaining, making his tours a “must”.

Bekka, a Viking Biking guide


A local to the Oslo region, Bekka has extensive experience in outdoor guiding, both in Oslo and all around Scandinavia. While she holds a master’s degree in Comparative Outdoor Living from the Norwegian Sports College, Bekka also has a real passion for the arts and all things creative. Since summer 2020, Bekka has been a member of the Viking Biking & Hiking board of directors.

Patrick, a Viking Biking guide


Guiding with Viking Biking & Hiking since 2015, Patrick is both a local and an ex-pat at the same time. Born and raised in the Oslo region, Patrick’s family is also Irish and English yet thanks to his passion for gaming, he speaks native English with a slight American accent. He recently completed his bachelor’s degree in IT, but can’t give up the guiding quite yet because who wouldn’t love taking customers on bike tours and nature walks in the summer!

Romek, a Viking Biking guide


Romek, like many of the other ex-pat employees at Viking Biking, is in Norway for love. Originally from the UK, he is now a master’s student at university in Oslo. Romek has also worked in numerous restaurants and bars in the city, so if you are looking for some good recommendations on where to go after the tour, Romek is the right guy to ask!

Niamh, a Viking Biking guide


A native of Scotland, Niamh is in Oslo to be with her nearly 2 metre Viking man. She started in 2019 and brings a huge amount of information about the restaurant and bar scene. Having worked as a bartender, brewer, and employee at the local wine monopoly, she can tell you all about the history of drink in Norway.

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