Meet the Vikings


Lead tour guide and Operations Manager at Viking Biking & Hiking, Josh, brings a wealth of expertise in outdoor life and tourism in Oslo. With a Master’s degree in International Outdoor Education from the Norwegian Sports College, Josh has dedicated significant time to guiding, teaching, and conducting research in the city’s forests, islands, and schools. Hailing from the United States, Josh’s extensive experience in education, traveling, and performing around the world infuses his tours with captivating storytelling and entertainment, making them an absolute”must” for visitors.


The new Managing Director as of 2024, Niamh is a native of Scotland and in Oslo to be with her nearly 2-metre Viking man. She started as a guide with Viking Biking & Hiking in 2019 and brings nearly a decade of experience in the hospitality, restaurant and tourism industry. Together with Josh, Niamh (pronounced “Neeve”) will manage the day-to-day operations of the company.


Founder and owner of the company, Curtis grew up in the USA but has lived in Europe for over 20 years and is a dual national of Norway and the USA. His passion for biking and hiking is decades old and includes numerous long-distance tours in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Before starting this company in 2012, he worked with the International Red Cross for many years. More importantly, that is how he met a Norwegian girl who is now his wife and together they have three children.

Bekka, a Viking Biking guide


A local to the Oslo region, Bekka has extensive experience in outdoor guiding, both in Oslo and all around Scandinavia. While she holds a master’s degree in Comparative Outdoor Living from the Norwegian Sports College, Bekka also has a real passion for the arts and all things creative. Since summer 2020, Bekka has been a member of the Viking Biking & Hiking board of directors.


Guiding with Viking Biking & Hiking since 2015, Patrick is both a local and an ex-pat at the same time. Born and raised in the Oslo region, Patrick’s family is also Irish and English, yet thanks to his passion for gaming, he speaks native English with a slight American accent. He recently completed his bachelor’s degree in IT, but can’t give up the guiding quite yet because who wouldn’t love taking customers on bike tours and nature walks in the summer!


Marta keeps things going smoothly at Viking Biking & Hiking as back-office support staff. Originally from sunny Spain, Marta has accumulated extensive experience in tourism throughout Norway, covering destinations from Oslo to the Arctic north. When she’s not sending bills or responding to emails at Viking headquarters, Marta can be found scaling the rock faces of the Oslo forest and climbing gyms.


Hailing from the U.K. Jon is a PhD archaeologist with experience on digs around the world including Pompei as well as the 12th century abbey on the island Hovedøya, a ten-minute ferry ride from downtwon Oslo. Jon brings a wealth of historic interpretation to any biking or hiking tour.


Being from the cycling nation of the Netherlands, Kat grew up riding bikes. So, after earning a master’s degree in Viking studies from the University of Oslo, becoming a biking viking was an obvious next step. Got a question about Vikings? Having trouble translating some Old Norse? Just ask Kat — our Norse mythology expert!


Matt is a language teacher, musician and multilingual tour guide from Wales in the UK. Considering his love for languages, Matt has lived in Spain and Italy before calling Oslo home. When not speaking with someone in English, Spanish or Italian, Matt can be found exploring the Oslo forest for the many edible plants that can be found there.


Original from “the windy city” of Chicago USA, Freddy has called Oslo home for the past 15 years, with his Norwegian wife and children. Being a Social Anthropologist (recent master’s degree from University of Oslo), Freddy enjoys helping guests better understand the nuances of Norwegian society and culture through his biking, walking and food tours.


Originally from Germany, Isabelle completed her master’s degree in Adventure Education in Norway. A guide at heart, she has led tours all around the globe from New Zealand to the Alps to Iceland … and now in Oslo!


Martin might be from Oslo, but he’s a born globetrotter with 3 languages to show for it (German, English and Norwegian). With extensive experience as a hiking guide and travel consultant, Martin is your go-to guide for uncovering Oslo’s hidden treasures along your journey.


Originally from the Netherlands, Sanne came to Oslo to study and earn a masters degree in environmental sustainability and development. Being one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and winning the 2019 European Green Capital prize, Oslo is the perfect place to learn about developing sustainable cities, and Sanne the perfect guide to show you around.


Stine, a native of Southern Norway, has cultivated her expertise in Outdoor Education. With more than 15 years of teaching experience in outdoor kindergartens as well as guiding in Oslo’s forest and fjord , Stine takes great pleasure in sharing the wonders of nature in her hometown with people of all ages.


Mireia may be from Spain but she has called Norway home for more than 7 years. Aside from being a guide, Mireia studies linguistics… so it’s not a surprise when you learn that she speaks 8 languages fluently!


As an Oslo local and Francophile, Mikkel possesses a profound enthusiasm for both the green and urban cultural aspects of the city. Whether it be local landscapes, the vibrant theater scene or Norwegian Politics, Mikkel is delighted to share with those who wish to delve into the past and future of Oslo’s distinctive cultural neighborhoods.

Romek, a Viking Biking guide


Love and studies brought Romek from his native country of England to the capital of Norway. Currently finishing up a master’s degree in environmental sustainability and development from the University of Oslo, Romek also has extensive experience working in the local restaurant and bar industry so he is always ready with a good suggestion on where to eat or drink in the city.

Matthew Lars

Half Norwegian and half English, Lars loves to share his Viking roots with all those on tour. When not riding a bike or entertaining customers, Lars is a semi-professional footballer in the Norwegian leagues, making him the fittest of the Vikings on staff!

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