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Oslo’s hub for outdoor tourism is born again

Oslo's hub for outdoor tourism reborn

The Covid-19 crisis has been challenging for many, perhaps especially for those of us who earn a living from international tourism. Viking Biking went through some very tough times this spring and summer, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A crisis often makes us question how we are doing things and find better solutions for the future, a lesson I learned when working for nearly 8 years with the International Red Cross. This crisis is no different.

I am therefore excited for what comes next, even if tourism’s short-term future is unknown. This crisis has allowed me to restructure the company to avoid the high overhead costs of previous years. Less space, fewer bikes and lower monthly costs mean the company will be more flexible and able to adapt to whatever challenging situations Covid-19 throws at us in the next year or two. In 2021, Viking Biking & Hiking will re-launch, focusing on the products that we do best: guided bike tours and Oslo nature walks.

While bike rentals, bike repairs and our partner network helped Viking Biking grow into Oslo’s best-known company for outdoor tourism, those same services tied us down to a very large space (about 300 square meters!), long-term contracts and in general a risky business model for the Covid-19 reality that we live in. By streamlining, we can now focus on guided bike tours, both public and private, as well as our very popular “Island Hopping Oslo Nature Walk”. These tours are perfect for the Covid-19 world, as they are outdoors and participants can easily maintain social distancing. Once tourism comes back, Viking Biking & Hiking will be ready to show customers this great city and its amazing nature in a safe and responsible way! So join us in 2021 as we rise from the ashes to offer some of the most popular outdoor tours in all of Oslo!

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