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Bike tours in a post-Covid world

A cyclist in a field holds bike on shoulders

One trend that is expected to continue in travel, once the world starts traveling again, is the continued increase in outdoor tourism. Already pre-Covid, we saw a larger and larger percentage of tours taking place outside in an active setting: biking, hiking, boating, running, etc. All indicators point to that trend becoming even more prominent in 2021 and beyond.

That is why Viking Biking & Hiking is well-positioned to come through this crisis. By pressing the pause button in 2020 and re-launching in spring 2021, we can come back stronger than ever with a focus on our most popular outdoor activities: Oslo Highlights bike tour, Island Hopping Oslo Nature Walk, and private tours in and around Oslo. We are dropping some of our other initiatives which left us spread thin, in order to concentrate exclusively on outdoor tours in Oslo. This renewed focus on our core products is appropriate in the post-Covid world of travel, and it also allows us to do more of what we love: guide!

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